Treviso is a variety of radicchio chicory. Treviso resembles Romaine lettuce or overgrown Belgian Endive. Its long, compact leaves are deep in color with bright white veins. It has all the nutrients of regular lettuce but the slightly bitter compounds of Treviso also mean it’s higher in antioxidants. This chicory adds wonderful depth of flavor to everything from salads to pasta to a braise. Pair roasted Treviso with garlic with a white Burgundy like Chardonnay.

A Brief History

Native to northern Italy, Radicchio di Treviso comes from the region of Veneto in Italy and the city of Treviso. The history of Treviso goes back to the Roman ages; Pliny the Elder mentions the “marvelous red-lined lettuce of the Veneto region” in his Naturalis Historia claiming it helped cure insomnia and purify the blood. This Italian chicory is very popular in Italy and has gained in popularity in the United States in the last few years. Treviso can be used to add zest and flavor to simple dishes.

Product Information

  • Availability:

    Year Round

  • How to Select:

    Select tightly-packed heads with smooth, white ribs and deep red leaves.

  • How to Store:

    Keep Treviso refrigerated in a crisper or in a sealed plastic bag. It should last up to a week.

  • How to Prepare:

    Always rinse your produce under cool water before using. Treviso can be eaten raw with just a bit of olive oil and salt as well as mixed into salads by being torn or sliced width-wise like Romaine lettuce. You may also see it on menus grilled or roasted, or combined into other dishes such as risotto. Red meats pair well with roasted Treviso with garlic. Check out our blog for recipes.

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