Radicchio Rosa

Radicchio rosa is known in Italy as Radicchio La Rosa del Veneto and as known as in the United States as Pink lettuce, pink chicory, millennial pink radicchio, rosa radicchio, and La Rosa del Vento. Radicchio rosa is a loose leaf head with a vivid pink colors ranging from blush to magenta. Rosa radicchio leaves are delicate and tender similar to castelfranco. The flavor profile is a mild bitter compared to other radicchio varieties. Rosa is pretty and will give any side dish that pop of color! Available January – February (until supply last). 

A Brief History

Also known as Radicchio La Rosa del Veneto, radicchio rosa is a chicory native to Veneto, Italy and ideal growing conditions is during the cooler winter months. Since 2017 radicchio rosa has been a culinary & social media hit! Millennial’s and culinary enthusiasts are loving this unique chicory with a mild flavor profile with an eye catching appearance.

Product Information

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  • How to Select:

    Look for crisp, full heads with vivid colors.

  • How to Store:

    Keep radicchio rosa refrigerated in a crisper salad bag or a tightly-sealed plastic bag. It can last a couple of weeks if stored properly. Remove old leaves if they have started to brown.

  • How to Prepare:

    Always rinse your produce under cool water before using. Radicchio rosa can be prepared many ways and adds color and flavor to almost any dish. The best way to enjoy radicchio rosa is in a simple salad. You can make it a radicchio only salad or pair with romaine lettuce.

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