Kadota Figs

The Kadota Fig is the American version of the original Italian Dattato fig, that is thick-skinned with a creamy amber color when ripe. Practically seedless, this fig is often canned and dried. The Kadota Fig tends to be less sweet than other fig varieties, which makes them perfect for cooking and baking.

A Brief History

The earliest evidence of fig fruit cultivation dates back to 5000 B.C. The fig is believed to have originiated in western Asia and spread throughout the Mediterranean during ancient times. They were first introduced to the New World through Mexico in 1560 and then to California in 1769. By 1946, over fifteen percent of California’s figs were Kadotas.

Figs grow on the Ficus tree (Ficus carica) which is a member of the Mulberry family. They are unique in that they have an opening, called the “ostiole” or “eye,” which is not connected to the tree but which helps the fruit’s development, aiding it in communicating with the environment.

Product Information

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  • How to Select:

    When selecting a Kadota Fig, choose one yellowish-green in color. They should be on the slightly firmer side and will ripen in a few days.

  • How to Store:

    Fresh Kadota Figs store well in the refrigerator for up to five to seven days. Figs can also be frozen with excellent results; due to their high sugar content, figs will not freeze solidly. Just place figs in a sealed bag and freeze up to 6 months.

  • How to Prepare:

    Kadota Figs caramelize well and are extremely moist when baked. Add them to muffins, pancake batters or even pizza.

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