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To Joe and Jeff Marchini, sustainability is about using your resources effectively and efficiently with the intent of preserving those resources for the years to come. Land, water, labor, and the product are four main components of farming.

Land is fallowed and soils are tested to ensure a productive crop is grown today and is ready for tomorrow. Water is conserved by using drip and sprinkler irrigation whenever possible to grow a better crop and to preserve water for the future. Farming’s strongest asset is its people. We compensate our people with fair wages, health insurance, work safety programs and vacation pay. We take care of our work force now to ensure workforce for the future. The product is vital to the farming system; without a safe, high quality product we couldn’t farm with the intent of being sustainable. Quality checks, training for food safety and product quality, and open-ended feedback from customers are all channels of communication that we follow from the beginning to the end. It is the only way for us to make the best product now and to ensure we have the best product in the future.

Sustainability applies to our company and the community. It includes the entire food chain, from the producer to distribution to the final consumer. Preserve resources now with the intent of using them in the same way in the future.