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Food Safety

J. Marchini Farms produces the highest quality radicchio in the world. We say this with confidence, not only in our product, but also in our methods. Our brand and quality cannot be achieved without strictly regulated food safety measures which we take very seriously.
J. Marchini Farms food safety program is modeled after the California Leafy Green Products Handler Marketing Agreement. We have a dedicated staff of trained employees implementing our multi-level food safety program from seed to packaged product. J. Marchini Farms incorporates GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), GAP (Good Agricultural Practices), GHP (Good Hygiene Practices), and the FDA Guide to Minimize Microbial Food Safety Hazards in Fresh Fruit and Vegetables. Our dynamic team helps implement these programs 365 days per year, ensuring safe and great quality products are delivered to our customers. Continuous education through industry research, workshops and seminars allows J. Marchini Farms to refresh and maintain a detailed food safety program.

All field and packing house employees are trained several times throughout the year in the areas of: GHP, GAP, GMP, Equipment Sanitation and Field Sanitation. Regular self audits and monitoring of crews allow us to track and document any issues that may arise and immediately pinpoint where adjustments and improvements can be made.

In addition, J. Marchini Farms has yearly and seasonal third party audits for all ranches and harvest crews which are performed by Primus Labs and The LGMA. Our organic fields are also inspected by QAI to ensure organic integrity from farm to table. The cooler and packing house facility are audited yearly by Primus Labs and visited regularly by our processor and export customers.

Microbial testing levels in our irrigation and spray systems are also a vital part of our food safety practices. J. Marchini Farms tests all water prior to irrigating a field, establishing a geometric mean before the planting begins. Throughout the season, field-specific water systems are tested on a monthly or weekly basis depending on the water source. We also regularly conduct raw product testing for each field. The frequency of the microbial testing directly corresponds to the acreage of the field.

We take pride in our preventative measures designed to minimize the risk of food safety hazards before problems arise. If a situation should occur, our product recall system enables us to immediately identify the source of any compromise in food safety. Each and every product is assigned a sticker identification number for tractability purposes. This ensures that any safety issue is dealt with immediately. 

With J. Marchini Farms, you can be sure our total commitment to quality means a total commitment to food safety.

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