Fig Butter with Goat Cheese Appetizer

Fig Butter with Goat Cheese

This recipe is the perfect appetizers for the cheese lovers! Goat cheese pairs perfectly with this fig butter and is a combo anyone will love!



-Fig Butter

-1 log fresh goat cheese (depends on crowd size)

-Roasted shelled pistachios

– Honey drizzling

– Crackers  or fresh bread


Fig Butter

  1. Wash, desteam, and slice figs in half.
  2. Bring figs, balsamic, lemon, vanilla, and cinnamon to a simmer in a medium pot. Cook, stirring occasionally over low heat, for 20 minutes for until figs are very soft.
  3. Let cool completely and puree mixture in a food processor until smooth.  Adding more water to desired consistency.
  4.  Pour into a glass jar.

Assemble Appetizer

On a small plate, place goat cheese & top with fig butter, drizzle honey & sprinkle pistachios over. Server with crackers or bread! – mangia