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And the Vegetable of the Year goes to… Chicory!

And the Vegetable of the Year goes to… Chicory!

Say What?! We are beyond excited that Bon Appetit came out with the 2017 awards of the year. If you are unfamiliar with these awards some examples are dish of the year, cuisine of the year, and more. We are so excited to say that they awarded Chicory as the vegetable of the year! They describe chicories as “a family of hardy, pleasantly bitter, multihued lettuces”. This is on point! Read full post

Chicory Vegetable of 2017

Let’s get into the details. Chicory, cichorium intybus, is a perennial plant in the dandelion family and they grow wild in Europe, North America and Austrialia. There are several varieties that are cultivated for salad leaves like radicchio, escarole, and endive. There are many varieties of radicchio out there as well. Radicchio di chioggia has a round head with a deep red and white veins, this is the most common and can be found in many retail stores. Treviso is the elongated version of chioggia and slightly less bitter to taste. Lastly, Castelfranco is round with butter-cream and red-speckled leaves. Now that you know what Chicory is, check out some of our favorite Bon Appetit’s recipes. 

Radicchio Salad with Sourdough Dressing
Radicchio Salad with Sourdough Dressings

Radicchio and Plum Salad

Radicchio & Plum Salad

Radicchio & Stone Fruit Salad

Seard Sweet Potatoes with Sausage and Radicchio

Sweet Potatoes with Radicchio

Seared Steak with Cipolline Onions and Radicchio

Seared Steak with Radicchio

Radicchio Salad with Beans, Figs, & Walnuts

Radicchio Bean and Fig Salad

Treviso And Radish Salad With Walnut–Anchovy Dressing

Treviso and Radish Salad

Flatbread with Castelfranco, Burratta, Apples, and Olives

Castelfranco and Citrus Salads with Burrata